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While solar energy systems are renowned for their reliability, not all solar installers are created equal. The expertise of solar installers can vary. PA Wind and Solar recognizes the importance of choosing a local installer, even if we weren't the original company to install your system. Our commitment to the community ensures unmatched service. Homeowners benefit from our local presence, as we swiftly respond to service needs, troubleshoot efficiently, and guarantee personalized attention. When others hesitate, PA Wind and Solar steps in, prioritizing the seamless operation of existing solar systems, making us the go-to choice for maintaining and optimizing solar energy investments.

We offer comprehensive solutions for new and existing clients that need service beyond initial Solar Installations including:

  • Solar Panel Takedown and Reinstallation for Reroofing
  • Troubleshooting of Damaged Solar Energy Systems 
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation
  • Critter Guard Installation Around Solar Panels
  • Battery Back-up Solutions
  • Electrical Service Entrance Upgrades from Utility
  • Main Panel Replacement and Upgrades
  • Landscaping for Solar Efficiency
Other Services

Tell us more about the issues you are having so we can direct your request.

String Inverter Systems
Optimizer Systems
Micro Inverter Systems
Rail-less Based systems
Rail Based Systems
Shingle Roof Systems
Metal Roof Systems
Ballasted Roof Systems
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