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Savings on Memorial Day with this 12kW array in Harrisburg, PA

Another quality installation by Wind and Solar LLC, now celebrating 15 years of clean energy customers! The greatest peace of mind can be achieved from reducing expenses during times of uncertainty. Thanks to the 36 all black panels on this house in Harrisburg, these homeowners have one less bill to worry about.

Spending thousands of dollars on a home upgrade can seem unwarranted, but if you're already spending hundreds of dollars every month on electric bills, you can direct this same money toward the purchase of a solar energy system and see no change in your monthly cash-flow. The big difference is that this is something you will see a return on, unlike the continued payment on your utility bills. In addition, Solar panels increase the value of your home according to the latest research. So it is hard to imagine a better investment!

For those interested in increasing their energy security, a battery back-up tied to a solar energy system is also a possibility now. Prices of energy storage have come down significantly over the past few years and the technology has improved dramatically. When paired together with solar homeowners are eligible to take a 26% Tax Credit on the storage as well if installed by the end of 2020. There has never been a better time for a solar + storage solution for your home!

If the savings and peace of mind alone aren't enough reason to switch to renewable energy, the environmental and health benefits that you will bestow upon future generations cannot be overstated. Below are some estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency on how much pollution will be offset with a 12 kW solar energy system like this one in Harrisburg, PA.

Visit or call 833 WIND SOL to learn more about Solar energy and get a free solar evaluation for your home!


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