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Solar Panels in Manheim Township

Not all Solar Energy systems are equal. This impressive solar array on a home in Manheim Township spans over 6 different roof surfaces, and required significant design foresight.


Due to the complex geometry of the roof and partial shading from surrounding trees, optimizers were used in the design to ensure that the system operates as optimally as possible. The production is monitored through the cloud and gives valuable insights.

solar optimizers in pa

Thanks to a 26% Tax Credit available through 2020 these solar panels in Manheim Township will see a Return On Investment that is hard to match by other traditional investments. In additional to direct monetary savings, there are studies that suggest that home value increases an average of $15,000 with the addition of a solar energy system. And if the economic benefits weren't enough to convince you to look into Solar, below are some additional environmental benefits! A solar energy system like the one above would offset pollution equivalent to ...

solar carbon offset

No other source of energy in history has allowed consumers to control their energy in such a profound way. If you would like an estimate for a project on your property and weigh the benefits you can click here or give us a call! A Solar Specialist will help you design a custom system that will be in line with your goals.

Give Wind and Solar LLC a call at 833-946-3765 to get a no obligation consultation, and determine if your home is a good candidate to reap the benefits of the sun! You can also visit PAWINDANDSOLAR.COM to get started with a free evaluation!


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