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Harleysville PA Home now Powered by the Sun, Even OFF-GRID

Thanks to the 63 German Engineered Solar panels on three different roofs on this property, and the latest in battery technology from Generac Clean Power Solutions, this home in Harleysville, PA is ready for anything the world throws at it.

In the event the main electrical system loses power from the grid, the Solar + Battery system is designed to power lights, sump pumps to keep the house dry during storms, a refrigerator and freezer to keep food cold, as well as internet router to stay connected, and a few other items.

The uniqueness of a Solar + Battery system lies in the main difference compared to traditional gas generators. The fuel to power this energy system literally falls from the sky, so not having to refuel your system with outside sources means true self reliance.

This level of energy security is nice, but the economic benefits of the solar panels when the grid is not down are the cherry on top. This system will be increasing cash flow for its owners by about $4,000 per year, and the panels have a 25 year warranty on product and performance!

If the energy security and economic benefits aren't enough, and you're just looking to do the right thing, below is an estimate from the EPA showing how much pollution this renewable energy system will be helping to avoid.

Call 833-WIND-SOL or visit for a fee evaluation of your property, and get on the road to energy independence today!


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