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A solar plus battery back-up system offers homeowners in Pennsylvania a sustainable and resilient energy solution. By harnessing solar power, residents can significantly reduce their reliance on traditional grid electricity, leading to lower utility bills and decreased environmental impact. The addition of a battery back-up system ensures uninterrupted power supply, especially during grid outages or adverse weather conditions. This enhances energy independence, providing homeowners with peace of mind and security. 

Do I need batteries with my Solar Energy System?

Critical Loads Back-Up

Critical loads back-up power focuses on supplying electricity to essential appliances or systems during outages, ensuring vital functions like refrigeration or sump pump and other equipment are maintained. This is the most economical way of providing power during an outage without breaking the bank. It is also suitable for smaller Off-Grid systems.

Whole Home Back-Up

Whole-home back-up power aims to provide uninterrupted energy to the entire household, supporting all appliances and devices. While this type of system sounds appealing in principle, it can easily double the cost of any renewable energy installation if using strictly batteries. This is why we also provide the option to couple it with a traditional gas generator.

The Advancement of Battery Technology

The progression of battery technology in the solar plus battery industry has witnessed a shift from conventional lead-acid batteries to advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry. While lead-acid batteries have long been a staple for energy storage, LiFePO4 batteries offer distinct advantages such as higher energy density, longer cycle life, and improved safety. This transition signifies a move towards more efficient and sustainable solutions, as LiFePO4 batteries contribute to enhanced performance, reduced maintenance, and increased reliability in solar energy storage applications.

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