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10 kW Multi-building System in Perkasie

One of only a few solar energy systems in this unique borough, this energy system will be enough to offset 100% of the homeowners electric usage, including an electric car! German inverter technology will ensure decades of reliable energy generation, leaving more $ savings in the homeowner's pocket.

"Sometimes it is ok if the main house doesn't have enough room for solar panels, we put them anywhere that the sun hits!" - says Ray, Wind and Solar's founder. Whether you have a separate building or enough land for a ground array, we'll help you get the most of your Solar energy system.

Visit our residential solar page for more information on what types of roofs we can install on, or our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn about solar energy in general terms. You can also visit our home page and start a solar evaluation and get on the road to clean energy and big savings!

CALL 833-WIND SOL to set up a consultation!


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