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What is the process?

Contact us regarding your questions/ concerns. We understand you have many, and we'll be glad to talk through it with you. We believe in giving you the most expert independent advice to help you make the best decision for you. 

Schedule an appointment to get an evaluation and get a price. A no-obligation site visit will help us formulate a formal proposal for your home. We will cover the different warranties available, different equipment we can supply and let you decide what the best option for your particular situation is.

Sign Contract We will take care of all the permissions and details within a month. The physical installation of your system will only take approximately 2-9 business days depending on system complexity.

Enjoy significantly lower energy bills. We will handle all the paperwork and inspections so all you have to do is enjoy lower energy bills!

Solar Product Options

Most companies will try to sell you only on their product, but a solar energy system is an investment that will last many years, and a one-size-fits-all solution may not be the best approach for your unique home. Choosing the right products for your home can make a big difference, and the right design at the start of your solar project can make all the difference. 

In the pursuit of quality, Wind and Solar LLC employs NABCEP certifications to ensure that our customers receive highly ethical sales proposals based on the industry's highest standards of knowledge about the products being proposed for your home.


GOLD STANDARD & MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. All of our installations include superior design aesthetics with a low profile design, hidden attachment points, and all black panels for a sleek and modern look that will increase the curb appeal of your home and increase its resale value!

Gold Standard: This system will provide you with the fastest payback-period and best Return On Investment. A standard warranty on all aspects of the installation plus online monitoring are included.

Max Performance: This system option will provide homeowners with advanced panel performance, producing more energy over the lifetime of the system with less roof space. Extended warranties with this option add value to your investment.

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Installer under panel lg.jpg

Solar Canopies, Solar carports, Solar awnings: We offer the world's best looking glass frame panels, which create a Solar experience unlike any other. These panels are unique and are not like other typical solar panels. Normally installed overhead, these panels can be sealed to create a weatherproof area that will let some sunlight pass through them, creating day time ambient lighting for outdoor spaces which produce electricity. 

Glass panels.jpg
Battery back-up power

We've partnered with the nation's leading suppliers of back-up power systems to bring you the first fully integrated Solar + Storage + monitoring solutions.

When the lights go you never know when they will come back on. That is why we offer the latest battery technology available.

Need a roof replacement?

When you bundle your roof and Solar we can provide a seamless guarantee that will cover both! this eliminates any worries that the original roof warranty might be voided by the original roofing company.

Switching Roofs
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Our expert roofers have years of experience and we provide an all inclusive warranty that covers the workmanship of the solar energy system as well as the roof to ensure years of worry-free clean electricity production!

If you know your roof should be replaced in the near future, it is best to do so before going Solar. This will avoid the unnecessary cost of removing and re-installing the solar energy system in the future. We can provide you with an estimate that includes roof + Solar, or we can work with a roofing contractor of your choice to ensure that the job is done right from the start.

Tax Breaks and Grants


30% IN 2019

26% IN 2020

22% IN 2021

We will work with you to optimize your possibility of receiving any applicable incentives.  If you are in Pennsylvania that means the FITC plus SRECS. In Maryland we will help you obtain the incentives for Solar and Storage as well. The Federal Income Tax Credit of 26% of full system cost (regardless of size) is available to both residential and commercial installation for systems installed through the year 2020. See also the following link for other incentives available; 

How does it work?
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