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Ground Mounted Solar in Northumberland PA

Another quality installation by Wind and Solar LLC. This old home has been restored to keep the original stone walls that date back hundreds of years. The property has been the site of a concrete factory and a dairy farm, and is now the home of the descendants of the original landowners. After centuries of getting power from traditional sources, this home is getting a modern twist and becoming the site of a solar power plant.

Ground Mounted Solar in Northumberland PA

The 17.7 kW array consisting of 60 German engineered panels, is complimented by German inverter technology that will ensure decades of maintenance free operation. The system will produce enough electricity to save the homeowners $2,800 dollars every year!

Ground Mounted Solar Panels in PA

If the economic factors alone don't convince you that Solar Energy will be one of the best choices you ever make, you can think of all the environmental benefits that you will be passing along to future generations like this Ground Mounted Solar in Northumberland PA. Below are some estimates from the EPA on how much pollution a 15kW system would offset every year:

Solar Carbon Offset

Visit for a free Solar Evaluation and Estimate. You can also Call Wind and Solar LLC today for a Free Solar Evaluation and Estimate 833-WINDSOL or 717-808-4693


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