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No small thing for a farm to reduce it's monthly operating costs by over $700/ month. But that is exactly what this cow farm did in late 2019. Although the idea was initially to increase the bottom line by reducing the amount of money that flows out of the operation, it is a saving grace during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

Thanks to this decision made last year, the farm has less bills to worry about in these times of uncertainty. Milk isn't selling very well at this time since most restaurants aren't open to the public until May, and who knows how much longer it might be! Because this limits the amount of income into the operation, it is nice to have less bills to worry about this year.

The solar panels are placed on two different buildings, although you can barely tell they are on one of the buildings that has a black roof, it blends in so well, there is not much of an aesthetic change.

Visit to get started on a solar evaluation and find out how Solar can keep your costs in check during times of crisis, as well as secure a source of energy for the things you depend on in your daily life. You can also call 833-WIND-SOL.


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