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9 kW Solar + Battery Installation in Chester County

This home is now ready to weather any storm the new year brings in thanks to this high quality installation by Wind and Solar LLC. The thirty Solar panels on the roof will produce enough energy to save the homeowners $1,300 every year. But the most unique and innovative part of this system is actually not on the roof.

In addition to monthly energy savings, this system is equipped with the latest energy storage technology. The lithium Ion battery by LG electronics will provide power to the home in the event of a power outage from the utility.

Essentials like lights, water pumps, heating system, hot water, and even luxuries like entertainment equipment will all work seamlessly while utility crews work to fix the electrical grid. Even during the unlikely event of an extended power outage, the solar energy system will continue to charge the batteries, providing energy security for any circumstance.

Interested in finding out how Solar Energy can work for you and set you up for a lifetime of savings? Click Here for a free Solar Evaluation and Estimate, or you can also us at 833-WINDSOL

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