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Ground Mounted Solar Panels in Reading PA

This 10 kW Ground Mounted Solar array installed on a Sheep pasture will provide more than enough energy to run this family's small farm.

The custom Solar structures were built high enough so that the sheep that regularly graze the fields can have shelter during days of sweltering heat. The sheep will also help to keep the grass short underneath the arrays without the need to mow or trim.

The arrays will save this family about $1,500 per year and make them eligible for a 30% Federal Income Tax Credit. With a pay-back period of under 10 years, The property will be enjoying over 15 years of guaranteed free electricity for their home! That means an extra $1,500 per year in savings; a great way to fund a college education, home remodeling projects, or a few family vacations!

If the economic factors alone don't convince you that Solar Energy will be one of the best choices you ever make, you can think of all the environmental benefits that you will be passing along to future generations.

These are estimate from the EPA on how much pollution a 10kW system would offset every year.

Visit for a free Solar Evaluation and Estimate.

You can also Call Wind and Solar LLC toll free at 833-WINDSOL or locally at 717-808-4693

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