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Residential Solar in Lebanon PA

Spring has arrived with BIG savings for our Solar customers with Residential Solar in Lebanon PA! Contact us today at 833-WINDSOL to talk with a representative about reducing your electric bills with Solar Energy. You can also request a Solar Evaluation at

Residential Solar in Lebanon PA

This 15 kW system with ideal southern exposure will save the homeowners over $2,000 per year! With an available tax credit of 30%, the payback for a system like this one will be under 10 years. Thanks to the 25 year warranty that all of our panels carry, this means you can bank on 15 years of guaranteed FREE ELECTRICITY. Because of this reality, purchasing a Solar energy system will beat most traditional forms of investment, with an expected ROI of 10-15%.

If the economic factors alone don't convince you that Solar Energy will be one of the best choices you ever make, you can think of all the environmental benefits that you will be passing along to future generations. Below are some estimates from the EPA on how much pollution a 15kW system would offset every year:

solar carbon offset

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