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 Our Values

Making the World Better with Your Help

First, we at Wind and Solar want to thank you for visiting our website. We hope you'll reach out to us if you have any unanswered questions or want to further explore using sustainable energy.

We thought you'd like to know what drives us to design plans and climb all over roofs day in and day out.

Our Vision

We picture clean air and water, healthy people, and feelings of safety and security that all of us can live sustainably without a time bomb of pollution and climate crisis threatening our fellow earthlings. 

Our Goal

We want to provide safe, cost effective, reliable generating equipment to every business, institution, farmer, and homeowner who wants renewable energy.

Our Values
  • Integrity

  • Excellence

  • Respect

  • Teamwork

  • Caring

These are what we expect from the Wind and Solar team.

One More Thing
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If you decide we are a good match for you, you are part of the solution. We're all in this together.

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