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Solar on Shingle Roof in PA

Installing Solar on Shingle roof in PA involves a systematic process to ensure efficiency and durability. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

solar mounting system
  1. Roof Inspection: Before installation begins, a thorough roof inspection assesses its condition and suitability for solar panels. This step identifies any potential issues that may need addressing to ensure a seamless integration.

  2. Mounting System Selection: Choosing a rail-based mounting system is crucial. This system provides a secure and uniform placement for solar panels, reducing the risk of damage to the roof and ensuring stability.

  3. Flashing Installation: Proper flashings are strategically installed at penetration points at each rafter. These flashings act as protective barriers, preventing water infiltration. Rafter attachments are more secure than methods that go directly into roof decking.

  4. Panel Installation: With the mounting system in place, solar panels are carefully installed in alignment with each other. The rail-based system ensures a secure attachment, minimizing the impact on the roof structure.

  5. Electrical Connection: Once panels are securely in place, the electrical connections are established. This step integrates the solar system with the home's electrical infrastructure, allowing for efficient energy production.

By utilizing a rail-based mounting system and incorporating strategic flashings, the installation process not only enhances the structural integrity of the solar setup but also ensures the long-term durability of both the panels and the roof. This meticulous approach, conducted by professional installers, provides homeowners with a reliable and enduring solution for harnessing clean energy.


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