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Solar Installation Warranty in PA

Solar Installation Warranty in PA

Embarking on the solar journey is a substantial investment, and the warranty provided by your solar installer is a crucial aspect of ensuring a worry-free experience. Here at PA Wind and Solar, we take pride in offering a robust 12-year Solar Installation Warranty in PA , surpassing the workmanship warranty industry standard of 10 years. Why does this matter? The extra two years provide you with extended peace of mind, assuring you that our commitment to the quality of our work goes beyond the norm.

Equally important is our extensive experience in the industry. With 18 years in business, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. This isn't just about longevity – it's about trust. When you make a warranty claim, the reliability and stability of a company play a pivotal role. Our longstanding presence in the market means we'll be here for you, standing by our work and ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.


And let's talk about the heart of your solar investment – the panels. Rest assured, our solar panels come with an impressive 25-year or more power output warranty. This guarantees that your panels will continue to perform optimally for decades, providing you with a reliable and sustained return on your investment. Our commitment to quality, durability, and longevity extends across all facets of our services, reinforcing our promise to be your trusted partner in the solar journey.

Choosing PA Wind and Solar isn't just about going solar; it's about securing a future of sustainable, reliable energy backed by a company dedicated to your satisfaction. Our extended workmanship warranty, coupled with years of experience and a robust power output warranty, sets us apart as your ideal solar solution partner. Make the wise choice for a brighter, greener tomorrow – choose PA Wind and Solar.


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