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Is Wind or Solar better for your property?

The modern Wind Power of the 21st century is significant enough to power entire villages, towns, and even cities. But how can you take advantage of it as a property owner?

You can put up a wind turbine that is smaller in scale, and it will power your home in the same way that solar panels do. The difference is in the type of renewable energy being used and how the machines work. Wind is partly a result of the sun heating up our atmosphere and creating pressure differentials that lead to what we experience as wind. Solar Panels work with light through the photovoltaic effect.

Although Wind energy has a lot of potential at larger scales, it is hard to overcome the large start-up costs for small scale projects. Most small wind energy projects are for off-grid applications and other battery charging necessities. Most homeowners end up finding Solar energy to be a more cost effective way to reduce their electric bill!

While most homeowners that go solar reduce their electric bills by owning a solar energy system, some homeowners that are unable to purchase a share of the power from wind energy systems that are not on their own property. This allows any energy consumer to buy into a clean source of power and offset their environmental impact!

Reach out to Wind and Solar LLC today and find out how a Solar renewable energy system can save you money and help leave a better environment for generations to come!


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