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Summer Sun Brings Summer Savings!

What do all of these houses have in common? They have Solar panels of course! Each house will be producing different amounts of energy per month, but the systems were designed and sized to meet each homeowner's personal consumption and offset their Air Conditioner ALL summer long. In addition, you'll be producing excess electrity that you can use in the winter!

We design a custom system for each home by looking at your electric bill, we'll go over it with you and discuss any energy strategies for your home that you might have, and work out the ideal system. Depending on your situation, you will save hundreds if not thousands every month. Did we mention this is the last year to get the FULL 30% TAX CREDIT?! Call Wind and Solar today for an assessment on you house/ property and find out how much you can save by making the switch to renewable energy. Just like these homeowners did.

Fill out the form at to get a Free Solar Evaluation or call 833-946-3765

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