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What is the Process of Going Solar?

At Wind and Solar we like to make the process of going Solar as easy as One, Two, Three. We break down the process into phases that can be easily recognizable so you don't get lost in all the industry jargon. The three main steps are as follows: Design > Construction > Activation. Of course, each step has its own important details that need attention, and below we explain what each one of these steps entails.

1 The Design part of the process begins with a free consultation and estimate. This is where we work with you to determine your energy goals and outline the perfect system for your property. Once all questions are answered to your satisfaction, and you give us the "go-ahead", we will get things moving to implement the contracted design.

2 At the construction phase, we finalize the engineering plans and get all necessary permissions from your Authority Having Jurisdiction (Township, Borough, etc.), as well as your local utility. This part of the construction phase typically takes a couple of weeks. Once these are obtained, the actual installation will usually be finished in under a week, depending on the size of your Solar Energy System.

3 Once all construction is complete, the activation phase is the last remaining step. This is where we turn on your system and do the final checks and inspections, as well as interfacing with the utility to make sure everything goes smoothly. We will help you set up the wireless monitoring of your new Renewable Energy system and begin harvesting sunlight!

Interested in finding out how Solar Energy can work for you and set you up for a lifetime of savings? Click Here for a free Solar Evaluation and Estimate, or you can also us at 833-WINDSOL

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