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What Does it Cost to Go Solar?

As with many things, the true cost of Solar is a matter of perspective. For instance, going Solar does not cost any more than what you are already paying the utility every month, so from that point of view it doesn't cost anything. However, from the point of view of someone paying for their system in cash, it all comes down to paying as little interest as possible to get the fastest return on investment. Here is a typical comparison for a system paid in cash vs financed:

The bottom line is that you are locking in the price of future energy, making you immune from utility rate hikes, and providing a significant source of savings. Whether you are purchasing a system with $0 Down or 100% up-front or somewhere in between, you are setting yourself up for long term financial success. 

Worth mentioning, is the cost of not transitioning to solar energy.  Continued pollution from traditional electricity fuels like coal and gas are affecting our general health as well as costing tax payers huge sums of money. We all have an interest in reducing the amount of greenhouse gases and other pollutants in the atmosphere by switching to clean, renewable energy. According to a report released by 13 US federal agencies including NASA and EPA, Climate Change is on schedule to cost the economy hundreds of Billions of Dollars by the end of the century.  Such an enormous expenditure is hard to quantify, but Wind and Solar feels it is important to keep in mind as a responsibility to future generations and social well-being.

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