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Why should I install Solar panels?

We're all trying to cut the amount of money we spend every day. Installing your own Solar energy system will set you up for decades of savings from your utility bills. For most people this will translate to tens of thousands of dollars, with larger homes, farms and businesses seeing savings in the hundreds of thousands.

Aside from that, your home will increase in value, according to the latest research. Think about it- If someone told you that a house you're considering buying didn't have an electric bill, wouldn't it seem more valuable?

With every new Solar Energy System brought online, thousands of tons of CO2 and other green house gases are prevented from entering the atmosphere and accelerating climate change, and threatening countless animal species. Along with CO2, Solar Energy keeps other things like soot from the air we all breathe, and that affects everyone directly. Air pollution is the cause and aggravating factor of many respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, and lung cancer.

Along with the economic, increased value, environmental, and health benefits, installing Solar Energy Systems that are distributed throughout the grid system increases our national security by reducing our reliance on resources that are not locally obtainable or sustainable. Having distributed Solar throughout a energy grid system means that the failure of a single power source will not necessarily compromise the whole system. This level of resilience makes Solar Energy Systems a great way to provide energy security.

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