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Small House, Big Solar! 14.3kW Array near Philadelphia

Like a kid at Christmas! This home owner near Phildaelphia is going Solar in a big way! The array installed by Wind and Solar LLC will produce enough energy to offset 100% of his home energy usage, plus a plug-in hybrid vehicle! Take a look below at the drone footage of this Solar Array from our youtube channel. You can also find this video on our facebook post.

This system of 52 panels will be helping the owner become completely self reliant for his electricity's needs. In addition, it will provide fuel from sunshine for the batteries of his plug-in electric hybrid vehicle to drive 500 miles per month . Below are some estimates from the EPA on how much pollution these solar panels will be offsetting:

Greenhouse gas emissions from:

2.4 Passenger vehicles driven for one year


27,361 Miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

CO2 emissions from:

1,256 gallons of gasoline consumed


12,214 Pounds of coal burned

Thanks to SMA's Secure Power Supply, this home will have the use of up to 4,000 watts of power even during power outages! No batteries required. SMA is the first and perhaps the only inverter brand with this technology. The German Design with American manufacturing combination makes this a very reliable product, with innovative features that are a mark of SMA's roots back in 1981. Even during their start they were ahead of their time.

SMA's inverters also include online monitoring through a WiFi signal built into each unit.

Contact Wind and Solar LLC to find out how a Solar Energy System can benefit you for years to come! Follow us on social media and our webpage blog to keep up with the latest in Solar Energy.

Call 717-808-4693 or send us a message here!

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