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34 kW Organic Solar Farm - Lancaster

This Organic farm just got a whole lot greener. The installation of this 34 kW Solar Energy system will allow this farm to produce enough electricity for daily operations, which include a industrial size freezer for all of its grass fed meats, as well as the farm house.

The array was a custom design; Lindenhof Farm wanted their turkeys and sheep to have mobility and freedom to graze around and under the array. Not a problem, Wind and Solar LLC Engineered the array so there would be enough clearance. "In a year or so, we will have a fenced in area around the array so the animals can roam around and mow the grass".

The System design makes use of the latest in German Technology Panels and Inverters. These two parallel arrays consisting of 102 panels total, will produce around 42,700 kWH/ year. This is the equivalent of taking 6 cars off the road every year! It doesn't get much greener than this farm.

Visit to learn how Solar can benefit your home, farm, or business. You can also visit our facebook page @windandsolar or instagram page @windandsolar to see some of our other installations. Contact us for a Free Consulation today!

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