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W&S Custom Solar Solutions

Wind and Solar LLC has the expertise you need to install your Solar Energy System on a variety of different roofing materials. As a company specializing in custom Energy Solutions for over a decade, you can trust our team to deliver the right solution for your project.

Whether you have a standing seam metal roof like the system pictured above, a corrugated metal roof, a composite shingle roof, a flat rubber roof, or even if you have no roof at all! We can make your Solar Energy dreams a reality.

We are leaders in the development of Ground Mounted arrays. No array is too small or too large. If you have enough land and are limited on roof space, or would rather install a ground mounted array instead of a roof mounted array for personal reasons, we have the experience you need to make a seamless transition to a Solar Energy Future.

Have a commercial building with a flat rubber roof? We can help your business reduce its operating costs by utilizing existing space to produce electricity. In addition to reducing or eliminating ongoing utility costs, you will be able to take advantage of Federal Income Tax Credits and Depreciation Tax benefits. The combination of all these factors will make a Solar Energy System one of the best financial investments you could ever make.

Contact Wind and Solar LLC and learn more about how a Residential Solar or Commercial Solar Energy System can benefit you for decades to come.

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