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4th of July Energy Independence! 11.2 kW E-Town Home Goes Solar

This ranch style home just took a huge step towards energy independence! The 11.2 kW array installed on the southern roof surface was installed just in time for the 4th of July. The system was sized to produce 100% of the homeowner's electric usage for decades to come.

In addition to a 25 year Power output Warranty from the Panel manufacturer, and an industry leading workmanship guarantee from Wind and Solar LLC, this system included an extended warranty for the inverter, further guaranteeing production for decades to come.

A solar PV system for your home or business is one of the best ways of providing energy independence. Because the energy is made where it is consumed it is 100% made in America and does not require elaborate contracts with multiple entities which can lead to poor accountability. In addition, there is no pollution associated with the production of Solar Energy. This has a great impact on people near and far who would otherwise have to deal with the soot and other pollution associated with electricity made from fossil fuels.

Energy Independence and Environmental Stewardship are a great reason to go Solar. But the financial benefits are the icing on the cake! With a pay-back period of 5-10 years and a Return On Investment of 8-14%, you'll be hard pressed to find a better investment to make with your hard earned dollars.

Contact Wind and Solar LLC today or call us at 717-808-4693 and talk with a Solar Expert to see how Solar Energy can benefit your home or business.

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