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7KW Solar Installation in York, PA

This homeowner of multiple talents decided to install a Residential Solar System and stop worrying about his electric bills. When he first approached us, it was determined that he only needed a 6kw system because he had done so many energy efficiency upgrades over the years that he had a relatively low electric usage.

However, he decided to go with a slightly larger system, because, as he put it:

"Now I can turn on the Air Conditioning in the Sunroom without worrying about my electric bill!"~ Jim P.

In addition to high quality german panels and and inverters, a secure power supply was installed. This will allow the homeowners to use up to 2000 watts of power when the sun is shinning even if the grid goes down! This feature is a nice substitute for those who are attracted to the idea of a battery back-up system but are turned off by the additional cost.

To find out more about how solar can benefit you and your home or business, contact us today for a free Solar Consultation. A Solar energy system from Wind and Solar LLC is an investment in your own future as well as the future of those around you, and has an average Return On Investment of around 10%!! Start saving money on your electric bills today, call 717-808-4693

-Check out the before and after images below:

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