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9KW Solar Array in Lebanon, PA

Another Quality installation by Wind and Solar LLC. These homeowners will be saying good bye to their electric bills for good! Our customers are so forward-looking that they even oversized this system to take in to account their future electric vehicle!! On a nice sunny day, this system will be producing close to 9000 watts while the inhabitants of the property pleasantly hang out in the back porch, with no indication that their house is producing all of their electric needs. No pollution, no noise, savings in the bank, and a better future for the planet.

The only time they will notice any electricity being produced is when they log into their

remote monitoring application on their computer or smart device, or when they take a look at their utility meter spinning backwards! Wireless and remote monitoring are an included feature of this system, boasting an SMA inverter with german technology representing the cutting edge in inverter design.

The panels on the roof are all black, making for a great-looking installation. A 25 year power output warranty ensures the panels will produce electricity long after they've paid for themselves.

Interested in finding out how solar energy can work for you? Call Wind and Solar Today for a free no-obligation consultation at 717-808-4693.

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