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Lake-Front 14KW Array

These homeowners will enjoy plenty of sunshine by the lake, and thanks to the sun, a significant drop in their electric bills! This 14Kw roof mounted system consisting of a lower and upper roof will produce enough KWH/ month to eliminate their whole bill for the year.

As a system with some partial shade, design considerations were made to mitigate these effects. Optimizers from Solar Edge were used for this particular system which will be of great benefit during times of the day when the sun is lower on the horizon and shade is cast from some surrounding trees on parts of the array. Optimizers come with a 25 year warranty which is a nice match for the panels' 25 year power output warranty!

The panels are among the most efficient in their class. A total of 48 panels rated at 295 watts each, these panels have the same footprint that other 285 watt panels being installed today. This homeowner was eager to eliminate as much of their electric bill as possible with the limited available roof space, so these were a great fit!

Check out the video below for some aerial views of the array. Because of the steep drop behind the house, and no room in our crew for a boat, aerial footage from a drone was the only other possibility to obtain an overall view of this great looking array. Call Wind and Solar LLC today for a Free Solar consultation and see how Solar can work for Your Home, Business, or Farm.

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