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Wind and Solar,LLC is proud to author this 58KW DC photovoltaic solar panel array in Lancaster County.

The system is designed to produce aproximately 74000 KWH/ year. That amount of clean energy is enough to offset the CO2 from driving an average car for 124,000 miles!

You can find out more about the emissions from different energy sources from the EPA's calculator>>

Technical overview:

The sun is captured by 258 American made solar panels. The solarworld brand monocrystalin sunmodules are rated at 225w each. The system is using solar edge optimizers on every panel. The system is equiped with revenue grade remote monitoring. This enables our customers to know exact production figures from the comfort of their smart phone or computer. Click here to read our post on optimizers for your solar array.

Interested in what solar energy can do for you? Give Wind and Solar a call!

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