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Are solar panels good for the environment?

Yes. The installation of wind turbines and solar photovoltaic modules will reduce harmful emissions to the atmosphere, and potentially eliminate your electric bill! Since the current national electrical generation mix is a combination of coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, and others, adding additional wind and solar to this mix will reduce the generation from these conventional sources. We at Wind & Solar, LLC believe all of these to be important reasons why you should consider the installation of a renewable energy system. This is a very direct means of voicing your support for renewable energy sources of power. Allow us to demonstrate to you how this choice can be economically competitive with conventional electrical power sources.

The average household in the US is responsible for the emission of about 15,000lbs of CO2 every year. Click here for the EPA's carbon footprint calculator. The installation of a 10KW solar energy system (about 40 panels) would be enough to offset these emissions. The best part is that it will continue to do this year after year, panel output is guaranteed for 25 years! Just in that period of time, a system of said size would prevent 375,000lbs of CO2 from becoming part of our atmosphere. If you need further information on why this is a good thing, click here to view the EPA's "learn about carbon pollution from power plants", the EPA has some good information on the subject.

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, the installation of solar energy has other benefits that are harder to measure, and some that are easier to measure. Energy security in the US is a big deal. The more we can rely on domestically produced energy, the less likely we are to get in a dispute with a nation competing for the same natural resources elsewhere. Shifting our energy usage to include more electricity will accomplish just that. And with the help of solar energy, we are on a path to meet this increased demand without raising pollution! Of course, this is a little harder to measure. But one thing you'll be able to easily measure, is the money you save every month when you dont have to pay your utility!

Call Wind and Solar today to see how you can reduce your carbon footprint!

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