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Optimizing your Solar Panel system

One of the latests trends we've seen at Wind and Solar is the addition of solar optimizers paired with solar panel installations. There are a couple of advantages to doing this. The first one is to optimize the power output of an array with less-than perfect sun exposure. In the past, any time a panel was shaded it prevented the rest of the array's solar panels in that string from producing its full potential. Thats because panels are tied in series. We call this the "christmas-tree light effect", where if the first light in the string went out, the whole thing would stop working. Previously, the only way around this was by using micro-inversters. These would convert the electricity from DC to AC power right at the panel, so they all produce their full potential. This alternative can be costly, however, because it becomes more expensive to install a series of small inverters rather than one large one. Optimizers get around this price issue by removing the inverster aspect from each unit. Optimizers have less components and still utilize one large inverter, which brings down the cost and allows much of the same benefits, such as monitoring.

This is the other main advantage to optimizers. It provides an easy way to monitor what each panel is doing right from the comfort of your computer or smart phone! The additional cost of adding optimizers to an array might be a deterrent for customers who are content monitoring their system with the standard inverter LCD screen, or through the production meter Wind and Solar installs at your faility. But if not for the monitoring, Optimizers are typically the way to go if you can't stand the thought of cutting down that old tree shading your roof-top at a certain time of day.

Wind and Solar is qualified and glad to provide you with a shading analysis of your roof or potential solar site and provide you with a few options that will address your concerns and give you the best performing system at the best price. Its what we do! Call or email us for a free estimate today.


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