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Sunny Forecast for Solar Energy

The Olympic games In Brazil took the stage during the summer of 2016. But this summer also brought with it yet another decrease in prices of Solar energy equipment. After a year of overall stagnant prices, solar energy consumers were hapy to save some extra money and slightly quicker pay-back periods. In addition to this price-lowering trend, the rise in popularity of novel financing techniques such as solar leasing and solar loans is pushing solar energy to consumers who previously wouldn't have had the resources. This means more clean energy on the grid, and less pollution in the air. Most energy consumers will soon be faced with the choice to go solar, or not. As the price of the technology continues to drop, and the accessibility continues to increase, more consumers will make the switch when presented with the figures. As it stands now, residential solar energy consumers in Pennsylvania can expect to see pay-back periods of around 6-7 years, and 4-5 years for comercial solar, with equipment warranties of up to 25 years! More and more people are quickly realizing that this is an investment that will more than just give them a financial return (what more can you ask after all), but also peace of mind for generations to come.

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