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Our Strengths

Excellence is not a goal; it's a requirement.
We design your sustainable energy system so that today, tomorrow, and decades from now, you'll be saying, "This is one of the best choices I ever made". And, we intend to always be proud that our name is associated with your system.
Your needs control the system design.
We are totally independent, not married to any product, we have no affiliations which would influence our recommendations. Everything we do is for you.
You save thousands more with us.
Our process is streamlined, which means more of your money goes towards the solar energy system of your dreams. We love installing Tier 1 Solar Energy Systems, and your bank account will benefit from this singular focus.
Your get hassle-free energy generation.
You want a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to your current power source. You don't want to become an electrical engineer. We get that. Our collective experience in energy generation - over 45 years - and use of only Tier 1 products ensures a satisfying transition for you.
Let's restore the earth together.
It's a very wonderful world that we have and we want to pass this beautiful planet on to future generations. We have the knowledge and resources to restore this earthly home for all and we at Wind and Solar affirm that stewardship is part of our purpose.

“I trust them with my home. That’s saying something.”


  • M. Morgan,

       Lancaster County

“A great experience. Helpful, dependable, easy to work with.”


  • C. Stopp 

       Schuylkill County

“I give them high marks for quality of the installation and pricing.”


  • E. Rothrock 

       Chester County

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