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The Best $/Watt.

In Solar Energy, the profitability will ultimately be decided by the dollar per watt cost of the solar energy system, after installation by a professional team. When possible, a cash purchase of this type of improvement will give you the shortest pay-back period as you will enjoy bigger discounts for a cash purchase.

Wind and Solar's process is streamlined so that you are able to save money in the upfront cost of an installation, and we strive to keep a low overhead to pass on even more savings to our customers. This allows homeowners the possibility of putting a cash payment option within reach, enabling them to save money in interest payments and creating a superior pay-back period.

Month by month, the savings of thousands of dollars add up and will make a true difference in your home energy costs. Wind and Solar prolongs the years of "FREE ELECTRICITY" for customers that make the choice to switch to natural energy.

Our experience goes back over a decade, we've seen many companies come and go since 2006. At W&S our longstanding commitment to safe and reliable solar energy systems means that you can be sure we will be here to service any changes and honor our warranty if anything comes up.

Call Wind and Solar LLC at 833-WIND SOL and talk to a specialist about how you can get a solar energy system to offset 100% of your electric use! You can also visit to get in contact about a solar evaluation for your property.

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