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14 kW Solar Powered Corn Farm

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This farmer decided that he's paid for one too many unpredictable high electric bills. On wet seasons like the one we've had this year, it takes longer to dry the corn- That means more electricity to run the fans, and more money out the door.

A Grid-Tied Solar Energy System will provide him with the peace of mind that comes along with harvesting your own electricity from the sky. After all, he's already relying on the sun to grow the corn itself, why not let the sun stabilize his energy costs?

This 14 kW system of 57 panels will save the farm over $2,500 per year! With an available tax credit of 30% for every tax payer, and depreciation tax benefits available to commercial operations, the payback for a system like this one will be under 6 years.

Thanks to the 25 year warranty that all of our panels carry, this means you can bank on about 20 years of guaranteed FREE ELECTRICITY. Because of this reality, purchasing a Solar energy system will beat most traditional forms of investment, with an expected ROI of 10-20%.

If the economic factors alone don't convince you that Solar Energy will be one of the best choices you ever make, you can think of all the environmental benefits that you will be passing along to future generations. Below are some estimates from the EPA on how much pollution a 14kW system would offset every year:

Call Wind and Solar LLC today for a Free Solar Evaluation and Estimate 833-WINDSOL

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