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Ground Mounted Solar Panels in Peach Bottom PA

Ground Mounted Solar Panels in Peach Bottom PA

The wooded lot of this residential address allowed very little sunlight to hit the ground below it. Finding the available resource required to produce Solar energy, proved to be enough of a challenge that a custom solution was required. Wind and Solar LLC Engineered and constructed a sloped 450 ft underground electrical line to pipe in the Solar Energy from the fringes of the property, where a neighboring farmer's field allows for plenty of sun exposure with some minor clearing.

Ground Mounted Solar Panel Plan

The system was sized to meet the owner's current electric needs, and will even help reduce the amount of wood they use to heat their house. Although wood seems plentiful on this property, the owners are looking to the years ahead and no longer thrilled about the prospect of splitting and carrying loads of wood for the rest of their life. Solar Energy will be used to offset the extra electricity required to heat their house in the winter, allowing them to reduce the physical stress of fueling the wood stove in subfreezing weather. They will be connected to their local utility through Net-Metering, and will use a dual meter system to ensure accuracy of production.

Solar Panel Meter

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-Below are some estimates from the EPA on how much pollution these Ground Mounted Solar Panels in Peach Bottom PA will be offsetting-

solar carbon offset

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