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net metering Solar

Contact us regarding your questions/ concerns. We understand you have many, and we'll be glad to talk through it with you. We believe in giving you the most expert independent advice to help you make the best decision for you. 

Schedule an appointment to get an evaluation and get a price. A no-obligation site visit will help us formulate a formal proposal for your home. We will cover the different warranties available, different equipment we can supply and let you decide what the best option for your particular situation is.

Enjoy clean renewable electricity and significantly lower energy bills. The physical installation of your system will only take approximately 2-9 business days depending on system complexity. We will handle all the paperwork and inspections so all you have to do is enjoy lower energy bills!

Product Options

As independent installers, Wind and Solar LLC can help you sift through the product information available in order to allow you to distinguish between those features that will ultimately be important for your system’s design and performance, and those that are purely manufacturer’s hype. We only deal with the top tier of equipment manufacturers and can provide a wide selection of panels and inverters.


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When you purchase a system from us, you can be assured of having gotten the best equipment at the best price. Whether you want American made panels, individual panel monitoring, or a faster payback; As one of Central Pennsylvania's oldest Renewable Energy providers, we have been leading the industry with the knowledge and experience that will provide you with a high quality, customized solution for your home, and provide the highest return for your investment.


We offer different financing solutions for our Residential customers. Whether you are focused on having a fast return on your investment, or more focused on cash neutrality and reducing your impact on the environment, let us walk you through the best option for you.

Incentives and Grants

We will work with you to optimize your possibility of receiving any applicable incentives.  The Federal Income Tax Credit of 30% of full system cost (regardless of size) is available to both residential and commercial installation for systems installed through the year 2019. See also the following link for other incentives available; 

net-metering solar energy
How does it Work?
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