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What can your business expect when going Solar?

There has never been a better time to install a solar power system for your business, farm, or commercial venture. Contact us to get an estimate and learn the potential benefits of a solar energy system. We have helped our clients save millions of dollars since 2006.

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Reduce or eliminate your electric bills

  • Immediately see your electric bills decrease or disappear.

  • Combine your bills to get a yearly statement, what you produce on sunny months will be applied to less sunny months.

  • Your utility company will pay you for any unused energy you produce.


26% Federal Investment Tax Credit 

  • 26% of total project cost.

  • There is no limit. The larger the system, the bigger your credit.

  • Can be carried over for years.​

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Earn additional income with Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

  • Get paid for having your own renewable energy facility.

  • Utility companies are required to buy the SRECs that your system creates.

  • These credits are in addition to the money saved on your electric bills.

Equipment Depreciation

  • The cost of the system can be deducted from your taxable income.

  • By reducing your taxable income, you will save thousands of dollars on the taxes you owe. (In addition to the 26% tax credit).​

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Solar panels next to an office building.


  • Wind and Solar has been helping commercial and Agricultural Customers find ways to fund and finance their systems for over 10 years. 

  • We are uniquely positioned in the market to give you the best opportunity at obtaining funding assistance for your renewable energy project. 

Additional Benefits

  • Turn energy savings into income.

  • Your system will have paid for itself in less than 8 years, and continue producing for over 20 years after that!

  • Continue saving on electricity and producing SRECs long after your system is paid off.

  • Reduce your CO2 footprint and increase your company's appeal as environmentally and socially responsible.

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